Sunday in the jungle

What I enjoy most on Sunday is maximum chill and a visit in my favorite plant shops to see what’s new, and eventually what my heart will fall for! I wasn’t looking for anything and spent time watching the orchids growing in moss without a pot to keep it together! But orchids are not my favorite. I like the greens of leaves but not so much the colors of flowers.

And then I saw it. The aisles with all the minis, like really all of them! They’re cheaper than grownups and take less place in my crowded apartment! And I can watch them grow over the years 🙂 3 bought 1 free, the deal was sealed! My new babies are called Syngonium ‘Maria’, Beaucarnea Recurvata, Fittonia Albivenis and a Peperomia Prostata! I’m a blessed plant mama! 🙂 

Lost in Trees

Yesterday was so much fun! We went in the forest with my bestie Solen and one of her friend (and her American staff dog).  I was so scared of her dog! Since I’ve been bitten by one years ago, big dogs has been a fear of mine. But yesterday it all turned great! I took my time and got closer to it and ended playing with him a little 🙂 and the Solen took out her camera and captured beautiful images of me in the so peaceful ambiance. Totally my kind of places! We walked and rested in the middle of the nature for what seemed like hours, then had a drink. Cheers to these moments! 

Days off

When it’s all going so fast and overwhelming, I enjoy taking 1-2 days off to breathe and relax. And most important, take care of my plants! I started filling the appartement with plants a year ago, now I spend my time growing them in best conditions. It’s really a therapy in itself!

I feel I have so much to learn from these little green friends! The patience and devotion, the heart that cracks every time a leaf dies 🙂 Now my next goal is to find a Begonia Maculata, I love their leaf pattern and white dots!

Today I’m at my mom helping her with groceries and stuff, since the surgery she has to be careful about lifting weight and carrying stuff! Well, just an excuse to get my mom just for me 🙂 Have a nice Friday! 


DSC047112 Months since my last post. Time goes at the speed of sound when you’re an adult and nobody ever told me that.The work hours, the commitment and my new professionnal goals totally broke the balance between job and private life. But I don’t want to let go of this tiny, humble spot I created for myself just here. It’s my mini world 🙂

This morning I was up at 8am, I had a migraine last night that sent me to bed at 9. The weather was gloomy outside, almost rainy, and all I needed was a walk in the empty sunday city. I quickly put some warm clothes on and left the house. I couldn’t stop thinking about someone I used to know, bitter thoughts, so I walked my way until this thoughts found their way back to where they belong.

It was also time for me to reflect on the 3 last weeks we had with my family. On september 23rd, my mom insisted I visited her, and I was really enthusiast about possible good news she would tell us. Big. Error. We sat with my lil sis in the sofa, watching my mom clearly uncomfortable, about to reveal the reason she asked us there. And I never thought I would hear this word out of an astological context. Cancer. It immediately brought me to tears and fear. A dark spot was found after her last mamography and it had still to be tested. Now two weeks after, the cancer has been diagnosed as tiny and not invasive, and my mom went to surgery to get all those nasty things removed out of her body. Cancer is so scary, even more when it happens to someone you love because there’s simply nothing you can do. Can’t wait for it to be past.

After 3.5 km in the cold morning breeze, I decided to head back home with a much better state of mind.

20ish kilometers became a solid 28.33 km this morning! A cozy road trip between country and and sea side. I also got to see a camel and a dromadary chewing grass near the coast! I managed this distance within 1h54min, which is good given the fact I stopped now and then to snap a picture 🙂 now time for a full afternoon of rest, I’m done for the day! 
Et bien une vingtaine de kilomètres se sont transformés en 28.33 bon gros kilomètres de balade entre terre et mer. J’ai même pu croiser un dromadaire et un chameau qui mangeait leur herbe tranquillement près de la côte ! J’ai parcouru cette distance en 1h54min, plutôt pas mal étant donné mes petits arrêts pour prendre des photos:) maintenant place à une après midi entière de repos, j’en ai fini pour aujourd’hui ! 

Plant shopping

On Saturdays, plant shopping goes first on the to-do list, and it’s a moment I really look forward all week. The green colors, the peaceful atmosphere, nothing cleans my mind as much as wandering through aisles full of diversity! These days I’m all about succulents and cactus, and couldn’t stop myself from adopting some 🙂 

I also now have a bike, an old one I will maybe pimp sometime soon, and tomorrow I have planned to go around my city for a 20km-ish circuit along the sea! I’m really looking forward to it, being in the fresh air, around nature! What are your plans on a weekend guys? What is the things that always uplift your mood during the weekend? 

Le samedi, c’est priorité aux plantes. C’est le moment que j’attends toute ma semaine, ça me fait tellement de bien de me retrouver dans une atmosphère de verdure et de calme, rien de mieux que de s’évader au milieu des allées pleines d’espèces ! Et comme ces temps ci je me passionné pour les succulentes et autres cactus, c’est tout naturellement que j’en ai adopté quelqu’un 🙂 

J’ai également un vélo maintenant ! Un vieux vélo que je retaperai sûrement bientôt, donc j’ai prévu une balade d’une 20aine de kilomètres autour de ma ville, le long de la mer. J’ai tellement hâte de prendre une bonne bouffée d’air frais et de me retrouver au milieu de la nature! Et vous, quels sont vos plans pour ce week-end ? Quelles sont les petites choses qui vous font du bien ? 


Hi you! Feels so good to have brand new phone so I can get back to social medias ! Plus it takes amazing pictures! I’ve chosen a Huawei P9 which is ” so last year” but critics were good so I had to get my hands on one in gold colour! So fancy ! Also I’m so so genuinely happy because my body finds its way into wheel pose! I’ve been doing it so many times now I finally can! Can’t wait to improve as wheel pose variations always fascinate me, it’s so grateful and peaceful! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning 🙂 can’t wait to show you guys my progress!! Oh and a picture of my Monsters because it’s #monsteramonday !

Hey vous! Le bonheur d’avoir un nouveau téléphone et de revenir aux réseaux sociaux! En plus de ça les photos sont sublimes ! J’ai choisi un Huawei P9 qui est dépassé d’un an mais dont les critiques valent le coup! Il m’en fallait donc un en couleur or ! Et aussi regardait ce que j’ai enfin réussi à faire! La position de la roue! Depuis je n’arrête plus de bosser dessus pour me perfectionner! J’adore les variations de cette pose que je trouve fascinante et apaisante! Du coup j’ai tellement hâte de progresser et de vous montrer tout ça! Ah et puis aussi une photo de ma Monstera parce que c’est#monsteramonday !