Asian kinda monday

20161107_125040_hdrsam_7284sam_7292sam_7294sam_7298I am appreciative of many many things in life, but asian food is the all-time winner. Of course, not every asian food is healthy, but most of it is, and is done in simply ways, with a huge sense of respect for what it provides to us. Not to mention all those people aged +100, healthy and still doing great on some japanese beaches! When we take a step back, there are so many great ways to feed our spirits and bodies on this little blue planet! Superfood packed with vitamins and anti oxiants and other fabulous nutrients! That’s really a thing I enjoy thinking about, it makes my heart feel happy! This day’s been a good day (partly because of the amazing food I’ve eaten) but also because I woke up in a great mode, confident, and even did my make up for once! True story of a lazy girl…Then after work I went to the gym for legs + back. I like when days go busy like this but there’s no frustration or competition or any “I have to”, just some “I want to” 🙂

Je suis admirative de beaucoup de choses dans la vie, mais les plats asiatiques remportent la palme. Evidemment, toute recette asiatique n’est pas forcément saine, mais la plupart le sont, et sont faites de façon simple, avec un énorme sens du respect pour ce que cela nous apporte. Sans parler de tous ces gens âgés de + de 100 ans et qui sont en super forme sur ces plages japonaises! Quand on y regarde de plus près, il y a tellement de manières de bien nourrir nos corps et nos esprits sur cette petite planète bleue! Des superfoods plein de vitamines et antioxydants et autres nutriments fabuleux! C’est vraiment une chose à laquelle j’aime penser, ça me rend heureuse! Aujourd’hui était une super journée (en partie grâce aux super repas que j’ai mangés!) mais également parce que je me réveillée en grande forme, confiante, assez pour me maquiller en tout cas! L’histoire vraie d’une fille flemmarde… Après le travail je me suis assez motivée pour aller à la salle, legs + dos. J’aime ce genre de journée bien occupées, sans frustration ou compétition, et pas “je dois faire”, rien que des “je veux le faire” 🙂


6 thoughts on “Asian kinda monday

  1. People eat less fast food in Asia, of course there’s plenty of those it’s just that the majority of people in Asia have to live with a very low salary and what’s cheaper than rice? not much really 🙂 and let’s face it, it’s ten times more delicious than fast food right 😀 healthy, slim and old, what more do you want haha


    1. I agree so much ! Yes I know the level of life is way lower… That side of the story is sad. I was just talking out of the context and didn’t mean to offend anyone ! I’m just being admirative of such a simpler way of living, a wonderful attitude towards life… I just love that !

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      1. I don’t think you offend anyone, this is life and reality 🙂 it is in a way admirative yea, although I live in The Netherlands we eat a lot of Indonesian food (Indonesian background) of course I do eat fast food but not as much as others 🙂 my fav. is Soto Ayam, it’s simple to make but you need quite some ingredients.


      2. Never heard about it so I just goihled and itbseems so good I can almost smell it : ) I will definitelyntry it ! I have a friend in the Netherlands who’s Vietnamese and in her family they cook some awesome “jelly” deserts with beans, I never know how it’s called but it’s to die for !

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  2. Yes it is kind of but with many many different combos, it’s so different of what we get to eat in “western countries” ! I should have thought about googling it too ; )


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