United with Manchester

I’m just sad, and disguted. Sad for all those kids and teens who were just having fun at Ariana Grande’s show. Maybe for their first time. Sad for the parents who never imagined such a tragedy would happen. And I’m disgusted of this era we’ve entered. An era where bombings and mass killings just no longer suprise us. We’re all sad, but after Paris, Nice, Sweden, Germany, and other countries, we somehow got used to this. How can the terrorists really think that’s how they’ll get heard ?  I’ll never communicate or talk to someone who only has violence as a way to get known about. Like, I’ll never judge anyone, even the biggest criminal. There always a background, a story, pain and loss to reach this point. Let’s be real, all around the Syria area, people live in conditions I’ll never bear because I’ve always known european comfort and relative peace. That’s what most of them always known. Their reality his hard.Maybe their motivation is fair, but honestly acting this way makes me want to know NOTHING about terrorists revendications. There is always a more peaceful way to stand for something. ALWAYS !  It may not be the easiest way but being nice is, in time, more rewarding. I’d rather listen to someone calm who’s not trying to change my mind, and maybe believe this person, than someone who’s yelling and threatening. I don’t care how right this person could be, I’ll just get away. My heart is truly broken, I’m a child of this planet and it seems we all can’t seem to be able to make peace simultaneoulsy. There’s always a sad place on earth being hurt. People being killed. Years ago I’d never thought I’d right a post about death and killings, I honeslty believed it could just not happen ? I believed we reached the point where life meant harmony. I was wrong.

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