DSC047112 Months since my last post. Time goes at the speed of sound when you’re an adult and nobody ever told me that.The work hours, the commitment and my new professionnal goals totally broke the balance between job and private life. But I don’t want to let go of this tiny, humble spot I created for myself just here. It’s my mini world πŸ™‚

This morning I was up at 8am, I had a migraine last night that sent me to bed at 9. The weather was gloomy outside, almost rainy, and all I needed was a walk in the empty sunday city. I quickly put some warm clothes on and left the house. I couldn’t stop thinking about someone I used to know, bitter thoughts, so I walked my way until this thoughts found their way back to where they belong.

It was also time for me to reflect on the 3 last weeks we had with my family. On september 23rd, my mom insisted I visited her, and I was really enthusiast about possible good news she would tell us. Big. Error. We sat with my lil sis in the sofa, watching my mom clearly uncomfortable, about to reveal the reason she asked us there. And I never thought I would hear this word out of an astological context. Cancer. It immediately brought me to tears and fear. A dark spot was found after her last mamography and it had still to be tested.Β Now two weeks after, the cancer has been diagnosed as tiny and not invasive, and my mom went to surgery to get all those nasty things removed out of her body. Cancer is so scary, even more when it happens to someone you love because there’s simply nothing you can do. Can’t wait for it to be past.

After 3.5 km in the cold morning breeze, I decided to headΒ back home with a much better state of mind.