Days off

When it’s all going so fast and overwhelming, I enjoy taking 1-2 days off to breathe and relax. And most important, take care of my plants! I started filling the appartement with plants a year ago, now I spend my time growing them in best conditions. It’s really a therapy in itself!

I feel I have so much to learn from these little green friends! The patience and devotion, the heart that cracks every time a leaf dies 🙂 Now my next goal is to find a Begonia Maculata, I love their leaf pattern and white dots!

Today I’m at my mom helping her with groceries and stuff, since the surgery she has to be careful about lifting weight and carrying stuff! Well, just an excuse to get my mom just for me 🙂 Have a nice Friday! 

My favorite spot : office

Ahahah…. Call this an office when it’s just a corner of my huge bedroom  !  Well yes, huge enough to have my bed, “office spot”, clothes hanger and still place for yoga ! Luxurious thing  ; ) I wanted a simple wood desk, just as it is, with beige/nude shades. I’ve added my grandma’s pink velvet armchair to contrast, and of course plants !  I need more though… Eternally insatisfied !  Anyway I just love this spot and just wouldn’t change a thing – especially the large window just next ! 

Ahahah un bureau, ou plutôt un coin dans mon énorme chambre !  Enfin, assez énorme pour mon lit, mon “coin bureau”, ma penderie et encore de la place pour le yoga !  C’est du luxe ; ) jevoulais un bureau tres simple en bois, exactement comme ça. J’y ai ajouté le fauteuil en velours rose de ma grand mère, qui contraste joliment !! Sans oublier…. Les plantes évidemment même si j’en voudrais d’autre… Éternelle insatisfaite !  Sérieusement j’adore cet endroit – encore plus avec la fenêtre juste à côté !