Sunday in the jungle

What I enjoy most on Sunday is maximum chill and a visit in my favorite plant shops to see what’s new, and eventually what my heart will fall for! I wasn’t looking for anything and spent time watching the orchids growing in moss without a pot to keep it together! But orchids are not my favorite. I like the greens of leaves but not so much the colors of flowers.

And then I saw it. The aisles with all the minis, like really all of them! They’re cheaper than grownups and take less place in my crowded apartment! And I can watch them grow over the years πŸ™‚ 3 bought 1 free, the deal was sealed! My new babies are called Syngonium ‘Maria’, Beaucarnea Recurvata, Fittonia Albivenis and a Peperomia Prostata! I’m a blessed plant mama! πŸ™‚ 

Green house

Green babes everywhere! I’ve moved the plant nursery from my bedroom to the kitchen, and all I can say is that they all love their new spot! Here are living mama Spathi and one of her babies, two Schaefflera cuttings (one has finally rooted!) succulent leaves propagating, two strings of pearls and a baby avocado tree- made some guacamole yesterday and added two seeds in water πŸ™‚ I also have a dozen of sunflowers growing in the livingroom ! There’s so much learning, it takes patience and daily care to grow happy plants! Growing greens is my favorite hobby besides fitness and it brings me so much peace and smiles, I love it:)

Des plantes partout! La nureserie des plantes a atteri dans la cuisine ou la lumiΓ¨re est plus constante et moins agressive, et on peut dire que les licataires s’y plaisent! Il y a maman Spathi et une de ses filles,  deux boiture de sxhaefflera (dont une a finalement fait des racines!)  des feuilles de succulentes qui se propagent, deux chaines de perles et un bΓ©bΓ© arbre avocat – j’ai fait su guacamole hier et mis deux noyaux a tremper πŸ™‚ il y a aussi une petite dizaine de tournesols qui grandissent tranquillement dans le salon! Il y a tellement a apprendre, ca demande patience et entretien de tous les jours! C’est vraiment ce Γ  quoi je prΓ©fΓ¨re m’occuper en dehors du sport, c’est tellement plaisir et ca me fait sourire au quotidien πŸ™‚